Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meriah: Portrait

Ok, this girl is amazing, she's one of my bestest, best friends and we've known each other almost our whole lives.  To make it even better, she's VERY VERY pretty!  Also, she has the most enchanting eyes...  a mysterious blue that sometimes change colors.  Well enough bragging about this amazing girl, I'll let you see her for yourself. :)

We went down to the Plaza... so many good places to take pictures!

See what I mean about the eyes?

I totally heart the gate.


It just wouldn't be right if we didn't have a picture together. :)



  1. Love these of Meriah, Olivia! You did a beautiful job. That first one is suuuch a pretty one of her. ;-) I love your new pages, too! I didn't notice them before (so maybe they aren't new =P), but I just happened to hover over the links today and saw them. I'm not sure why, but the font color on the tabs just show up black on our computer. I'm glad I happened upon them, though! =)

  2. Thanks! Hmm.... that's weird, it's supposed to show up as white... grr... oh well, I'm glad you like the pages, and yes, some of them are new :)

  3. The third from the last photo is seriously amazing! The composition and lighting are just soo... ahh you are a splendid photographer Olivia!

    1. Aww... thanks. It was a really good time of day to be taking pics. ;)