Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elijah: Senior 2014

I must say this was a fun, and VERY memorable shoot.  Elijah was just so easy to work with, he did whatever I asked (I asked him to do a lot, climb trees, walls, stand where he could fall into water... yeah), and he had ideas for pictures; which I really like. :)  But really what made this so memorable was I found myself on top of a basketball goal... *cough*  awkward, but FUN.  Never done that before... Oh well, on to pictures!

Okay, RIGHT on the other side of this wall, is a LAKE, like 2 inches from the top!  I was very happy he didn't fall in. :)

JCPenney catalog? 

I'm so glad he brought up this picture idea!  So cool!  But I tell you, it's HARD to get on a basketball goal.  We had to drag a trash can over so I could swing up, but I realized once I finally got up... I was sitting backwards. *facepalm*  Oh well, eventually I got turned around, scrambled up higher, and we got these AWESOME shots!