Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

First Snow!

We got about four inches of snow yesterday!!!  Okay, okay, you must think me a nut for being thrilled about a pathetic four inches.  I really do have a valid reason though, Kansas City hadn't had a real snow ALL winter! So I was happy to finally get some winter photos!

I love horse eyes.... : )

Okay, introductions.  This is Claire.

This is her baby, Rizzo. Who is cute and he knows it. ; )

This was Rizzo's first snow (he's only 9 months old), and he didn't like it.  I was kneeling down, taking the picture of the footprint (above) and he climbed up on my back, detirmined to keep his paws dry.  He was NOT thrilled when I put him down.  So he looked up at me...

And GLARED!  He placed his little paws on my leg and his look clearly said,
 "Pick me up, and nobody gets hurt!"

LOL Both of these kitties crack me up.