Monday, December 9, 2013

A Special Lady

       I came across her blog a couple of years ago, and I loved her photography.   More than any other photographer.   Her photography was fresh, beautiful and popped with life and color.  Just like her.

      I was crushed when I saw on her blog she had been diagnosed/ battling cancer earlier this year.   This really hit me because I've had people very close to me battle cancer.  It is so hard, for the person battling and for the family.

     She passed away yesterday.  Abigail has such a powerful story how she walked out this trail in love, faith, and with an amazing eternal perspective that you rarely find in a young person.  Please watch her video and share it, it's so powerful.  Also please pray for her family, because they lost such a huge part of them.

Blake: Senior 2014

I had only seen Blake a few times (even though his sister was one of my best friends when I was little), but that didn't keep us from having fun taking his senior pictures. :)  He was totally chill, enjoyed climbing up on a crazy high platform thingy (I'm posting the picture, tell me if you know what it is), and he was fun, as well as photogenic.  I absolutely love how SO MANY of the pictures turned out, so I'm posting a bunch. :)

See? This thing was TALL!

JCrew?  Yeah... ;)

Love this one and the next four...