Monday, September 16, 2013

Meriah + Scott

 I really tried to believe Meriah when she told me he was just a friend.  After she talked about him nearly two hours, TWO hours.  I really tried...  I've known this girl since I was one, so I had to try to believe her.  But I must say I wasn't surprised when she finally said they were official.  I couldn't wait to meet this dude that made my best friend so blushy, giggly and HAPPY.  I wasn't disappointed when she brought him to church.   I instantly liked him (he taught himself German longsword, how can you not like a guy that knows how to sword fight???).   He is SO perfect for Meriah in so many ways.  I'm so glad God brought these two amazing people together.  

Well onto engagement pictures, these two were amazing to work with!  We went down to Antioch Park and hung around taking pictures in the woods.  Enjoy the pictures!:)

You're beautiful Meriah.  Also you have the most stunning eyes. :)

Aww....  It feels like Robin Hood. ;D


SO sweet!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Preview: Scott + Meriah

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