Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adam and Katie | Married Love | Engagement Photographer Kansas City

I took their engagement pictures a little over a year ago, then they had a beautiful March wedding a few months later (my friends from Emily Grace Photography did their wedding).  These two are seriously on my favorite people list.  They have awesome personailties, and they are even more awesome together.  Adam is laid back and likes to tease while Katie is a sweet little fireball. ;)  So last fall they wanted some pictures for Christmas cards with fall colors.   We went down to the beautiful Loose Park and shot a few pictures (below) by a man-made pond...  then...

  After this picture was taken, I slipped and FELL into the deep/stinky/gross/disgusting man-made pond! I held my camera above water and sqeaked for help.  Adam, being the gentleman that he is, came over to pull me out, but as SOON as I got out, he slipped and fell in as well.

Let this is sink in.  I had just STARTED taking pictures!  Barely even 5 minutes.  There I am, in my fashionable highboots filled with water, half of me SOAKED, scrambling to wipe off my camera.  And my friend/client climbing out of disgusting, deep water.  ALL of him soaked.   


Adam, Katie and I stare at each other, chuckling a little, not quite for sure what to do.  While some people walked by, staring at us like we were crazy people.   Katie, who was closer to Adam, told him he smelled (we smelled TERRIBLE, as I said, nasty water).   After a few minutes of awkward looks, we decided to go to their place and get cleaned up (I had to buy some new clothes.  Imagine going into Old Navy with soggy boots, wet jeans and praying nobody will realize how bad you smell).  Then we finished the photo shoot at the beautiful Antioch Park.  Ok... that was a long story, back to pictures. :D


Monday, March 17, 2014

S Kids | Kansas City Family Photographer

This family I would describe as serving, competitive, athletic, and just pure FUN.  So of course I was thrilled when we decided to do a last minute photo shoot as a surprise for their parents. ;)  They had some fun picture ideas and they did the best serious face pictures. ;)

This is a favorite. :)