Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm just going to post a few pictures of this amazing couple.  :)  These two are so perfect for each other, AND they're both SO MUCH fun!  To make it even better, they're a great looking couple so it made taking pictures easy. :) We went down to the Plaza and just ran around everywhere snapping pictures. Yeah... I even climbed a tree to get a certain shot and police/security man came up to me and said I couldn't do that... whoops. :P  As I said, we had fun. ;D

Seriously, this is just SO sweet!

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  1. Olivia, these are so sweet. =) You did a wonderful job! Love all of them, but the crispness and focus in the last one are amazing! I would have loved to see you in that tree... *heehee*

  2. Ohh, these all turned out lovely, Olivia! I love the last two, and their smiles in the 4th one... :) Great job!
    Emily J.

  3. I echo above comments, adding that I like the black and white ones very pretty!


    btw, I would love to see you in that tree too! ;D

  4. Thanks you! LOL yeah I was quite a sight... it was a skinny tree so I looked VERY ridiculous :P

  5. I agree with Jenny, especially what she said about a photo of you in the tree... I always have a blast watching you and your camera at work! Excellent job, once again. Though I must say that the teaser photo was my favorite. :D