Sunday, November 9, 2014

Being a Artist... Not just a Photographer

Recently I had been feeling like just a photographer.  I was going through the motions by getting the right shots.  Feeling like a professional in the world of business.

Then I remembered, being a photographer is being an artist.  In all my busyness running to photo shoots, taking pictures and editing photos like crazy, I lost my passion for creating.  The main reason I love my photography is looking at things in a totally different way and feeling passionate as I capture beauty in a way nobody has before.  And I lost it.

Well, something I learned from my pastor, the first step to correcting a problem, is realizing there is a problem.  So on my last few photo shoots, I made an effort to get out of my "professional box" and to create a picture, not just take a picture.  And it has been very rewarding!  Having my creative juices flowing again has been healthy for me, and my customers love it.

If you are a photographer, and are feeling stagnate (as I was), I want to encourage you to remember the reason your customers started coming to you is because they loved you pictures.  They love your creativity, they love your art.  So don't let the artist in you die, because that is what has gotten you where you are.

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