Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blur it.

I love this photo.  And  to make it even better, I didn't do any major editing to it, basically perfected the exposure and upped the saturation a little.  I used a 1.8 f/stop so hence the amazing blurryness. : )  


  1. Ah, yes, it definitly looks like you knew EXACTLY what you were doing. =)
    Vury, vury nice. =) And your new . . . um, options? On how to view the blog are really cool, definetly makes it stand out from all the others! Is is just an option on blogger or did you get it somewhere else? Are you going to make a button?


  2. I'm afraid that I am going to sound like a parrot! To repeat my sister's comment, your picture looks lovely! Isn't it nice when you barely have to edit?

    Love the new look of your blog, would you mind telling all your secrets? Or at least some of them?!


  3. LOL thanks. The picture I knew what I was doing, but the new look, another story. It was actually so simple for me to do, it's rather embarrassing how easy it, the template is just under 'Dynamic view'. Otherwise, I really didn't do anything... so much for all my secrets. :D