Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shane and Madge | Wedding | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

These two people have both lived a life with hardships and challenges.  But they kept their eyes on what was most important, their faith and their family.  God brought these two together through the love of sports and their kids.  A few years later, on a gorgeous September day, they blended their families in a beautiful ceremony.

A HUGE thank you to Anna Liz for being my AMAZING 2nd shooter.  All of the getting reading pictures are hers (so I could do hair and makeup;) and many more.  Check out her blog!
 Now, THIS photo has probably been my most challenging photo yet. ;)  I was so happy when Madge came up with this idea.  I love trying new things... And I love heights.  I scrambled up on the roof (VERY awkwardly... I had to use a pallet as a make shift ladder) and ran across a couple different levels of roofs (Seriously, was feel'n like I was in a Bourne movie ;D).  And we got EVERYONE attending in a heart shape... now, getting 200 people in that shape is definitely a challenge, but I'm VERY happy with the picture!


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