Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Backlit Portraits

I've been wanting to take dramatic backlit photos for a while.  So when I saw how foggy it was one night, I asked my brother if he would PLEASE pose for my pictures.  I was super happy when he said yes. :)


  1. Olivia!
    These are so cool! When I read the title, I thought "Oh, backlighting, this should be fun, I do that all the time..." Then I saw the first photo;
    "Woah!!!! How did she do that!!! Gosh, when she said dramatic, she meant Dramatic!"
    The last one is sooooo cool, you can even see all the swirls of the fog!
    Hehe, last time it was foggy at my house, I just took a picture of the water droplets that formed on the car windows, that glinted gold from the streetlight. =)

    Fun stuff!

  2. LOL Glad you like them! :) Obviously from the last picture, I used a truck for the backlight... nothing fancy. ;)