Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jael: Senior 2014

If there was another way to spell cute, it would be j-a-e-l.  Seriously, this girl is adorable!   She totally reminds me of a pixie. :)  I had a ton of fun with her, we had an awesome location, Loose Park, and she brought props :D(I have such awesome clients).   So of course we got some very cool and creative pictures. ;)  Hope you enjoy them!

Then we went to the desert.    Nope... not really, just an area that had cacti. ;)

These are  probably my favorites. :)


  1. Oh nice, I like! The just suits her perfectly!
    Especially all the leafy shots (big surprise), my two favorites coinciding with yours. ;) It looks like a perfect leafy bower . . . <3
    Fun stuff!


  2. Thank you muchly! I know, love the last few with the tree... perfect lighting. :D