Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The S Family

These guys are just plain amazing.  They are all photogenic, a photographers dream.  And to top it off, they are just SO fun to be around.   To make the photo shoot even better (yeah, it gets better!), it was a dramatic cloudy day, with dark rumbling clouds in the horizon.   SO amazing.  Okay, I'll stop rambling, here are the pictures. :)

These guys have BLUE eyes!

Aww.... LOVE the looks on the kiddos faces. :D


  1. I have one word for this: ADORABLE:)

  2. These are beautiful, Olivia! You got so creative with this session! Love the dark contrast of the skies, and the spots you chose. I think my favorite is the one where they are all laying on the ground, but I also love the one where they are all walking away and their littlest one is looking back at you. (was that purposeful? It turned out cute =)

  3. Aww... Thank you! I had a lot of fun. :):) Both of those are favorites.... and nope, it wasn't purposeful to have the little guy looking back, he just did it and I thought it was so stink'n cute. :D

  4. These turned out so great!!! Good job--by everyone:)

  5. Awww...Oh these are just- just adorable and creative and I really like those clouds too and the one in the grass is my favorite too and he IS so stinkin' cute and they ARE fun to be around and they DO have super blue eyes and this is the second family portrait you've done and it's all so exciting and I really couldn't slow down enough to put in any commas.

  6. Lol Thank you. :):):) Actually I've done more than 2... these are just the two I've posted. :)