Friday, May 3, 2013

Jenny: Senior 2013

This cute, green eyed blonde is Jenny.  We had a lot of fun doing these pictures!   So, since she's a talented photographer (check out her stuff here, she has some really cool pics on her blog!) I was able to say, "I haven't tried this before, so could we give it a try?"  And to my delight she was all game.  We laughed, talked photography, threw ideas around, and just had fun.  Congrats on your graduation Jenny!!!

Amazing green eyes!

Good photographer, plays the guitar, and on top of that, she juggles!!!

I totally heart


  1. I totally heart every single one of these:)
    The second one and fourth-to-last one are both my favorites:D
    I totally just got ideas from this post, Olivia!

  2. Ahh!!!!! All of these are stunning! You are so good at posing people, really amazing!

  3. Wow, Olivia! What beautiful shots! I love love the fifth from bottom... the light is just gorgeous! #2, #5, and #12 are some of my other favorites. =)Jenny, I didn't know you played the guitar?! I loved how you incorporated that into her pictures, Olivia!

    1. I know, I know, it's my best kept secret! =P Actually, I'm just a little shy about it since I don't have as many years of experience with it as on the piano. =)


  4. Thank you! I know, the light was so pretty in some of these! You guys are great, thanks for the comments. :)

  5. These are really, really adorable! Such good work.

    1. Thank you. :) You do really good work yourself. :)

  6. Oh my word, I had no idea I was THAT cute! ;D
    You already know the first is my favorite, I also really like all the ones on that branch, all the guitar poses, and the third one on the sidewalk I just Love! The tilted angle + the way the wind blew my hair = just awesome!
    I'm glad you thought of the using the door too, 'cause I like 'em all but I probably never would have thought of it! =D
    Aaaaand, I'm still impressed that you got the sky orange! 8D

    Thanks so much!

    xx ~Jenny