Monday, April 22, 2013

Me ;)

I normally don't get in front of the camera (the story of every photographer. ;D).  SO I was thrilled to have Anna take some pictures of me!  I love, LOVE the pictures!  She did an amazing job, so go check out her blog!

My little puppy dog came over to say hello ;) Yeah, you can tell from my face I baby talk to her. ;D 


  1. Ah Anna did such an amazing job on these, you are adorable.
    I love your shoes SO much. =D

  2. She did do an AMAZING job! aww... thanks. LOL yeah I love the shoes, I stole them from my mom, she has amazing taste. ;D

  3. Oh, I LOVE the first one! You are SO pretty Olivia! =) Especially your eyes... 0.0
    Ah, those deck shots are neat how the blurred parts make a frame of sorts. Your's is such a nice complimentary brown too... ours is kinda red. =P
    Anna did a lovly job!


  4. Ohh... thank you! You're sweet. :) And I like your deck! ;)