Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is Anna.   An amazing photographer from Anna Liz photography.  She's very talented... and VERY pretty!   So it was very easy to take pictures of her. :)   When we were doing pictures we switched off, she took some shots of me, then I took some shots of her.   So it was nice to get good pictures of me, that doesn't happen all the time.
But it was COLD outside... ughh...(I admit, I'm a total wimp when it comes to the cold... BUT it WAS cold.)  Anyway, we are both very dedicated photographers, so we shot our pictures.  
In the cold.  
Without our coats.  
For a long time.

Yeah, we're dedicated. ;D  Enjoy the pictures!


I heart this one. :)

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  1. Yay! I've been waiting for these! =D
    Your intro made me laugh! "It was cold, but I'm a wimp when it comes to cold, but it WAS COLD. Oh, and we didn't wear our coats."
    It was funny, I said "oh, she's so cute", then scrolled down and saw you had written: C-U-T-E!!
    Great minds think alike I guess... ;D
    The one you ended on is perfect, So beautiful! ♥


  2. I like the 8th one the best, they are all beautiful though!
    Yes, I understand about the cold! I am very much a wimp when it comes to the cold as well!
    Right now I'm shivering...and I'm only down in my basement!!! lol:)
    Love this post...keep it up!

  3. I AM a wimp when it comes to cold. LOL ;D it's sad... at least you got a laugh.
    Thanks! I had so much fun doing these pics... (besides freezing to death. ;D)

  4. Olivia you did a nice job! I like the 12th and the colors in the 3rd on are so bright, pretty, and cheerful. When you guys came inside from taking pictures I could tell you had a blast!:D Sis, you look beautiful....!!

    Emily J.

  5. I love them, Olivia! YOUR talent is amazing in this post as always. =) Thank you so much for taking these for me, and bearing the cold so I could get in some practice too! I'm still laughing about how I kept catching myself shooting with my hand over my camera... =P Will be thinking about you on Thursday, btw. =) I know you're going to do a fantastic job!

  6. AHHH! I love seeing picture of lovely Anna's face! You did a wonderful job! i love the ones of you over at her blog as well!

  7. She is adorable! Ah, so pretty. It's so nice to see your face, Anna!

  8. Thanks! I agree, she is TOTALLY adorable!