Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Bro...

Today is my mom's birthday, so of course I needed to give her something!  But I didn't know what. Then it hit me..... pictures!  So I grabbed my camera and siblings and quickly took some snap shots.   I was happy with my brother's, I think I only took 2 photos.  Photogenic person, so not fair. :)



  1. He smiled! I think my brother usually tried his best not to smile... =D
    Are you going to post Laura, Avah and Susy's? =( Or...were they not "photogenic" that particular day? =P
    Btw, Happy Birthday to your mother! =)


  2. LOL sometimes he can be pretty easy to work with. :) Hmm... I don't know if I will.... I haven't gotten they're permission yet. ; )